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A solution for your shops !


9 times out of 10, you customer will continue to shop at your store after a mistake, as long as you provide them with a suitable solution. Your customer's complaints do not represent the end of a relationship. On the contrary, proper management of your customer's feedback and most importantly, their negative feedback is paramount in order to improve several aspects of your store's quality. It can even enable you to retain your most dissatisfied customers! With the help of a suitable equipment, you can automatically harnest this precious information in real time.



Several solutions give the customer the chance to calmly answer your survey: TADI Roller, TADI Box and TADI Mail. Depending on the results you are looking for, you can opt for a more detailed survey with TADI Tablet. All of these terminals completely cover the needs of a store: 

- Easy to transport (in checkout line, at the entrance, on the walls, on a table...)

- Simple to use (3 or 5 available response options, writing of comments)

- Sufficient information gathering capacity (Cloud server + 5 days autonomy)


Want a more modern channel ?

For anyone seeking to project a modern image, TADI Flash lets you place your QR codes wherever you want so your customers can answer to your campaign by scanning the code.

Les supports les mieux adaptés à vos besoins 

TADI Boîtier

TADI Roller


TADI Tablette

TADI Flash

The suited solutions for your shops :

Standard survey in retailing

1) What was your first impression upon entering? (comment)


2) Is our store easily accessible? (Yes / More or less / No)


3) How well do we communicate our information? (Good / Too much / Not enough)


4) Is our store clean and neat? (Yes / More or less / No)


5) Please rate the quality of our service. (Satisfied / Adequate / Dissatisfied)


6) What do you think about our quality / price ratio? (comment)


7) Are you a regular customer? (Yes / No)


7.1) If yes, do you think our store has improved? (%)


8) Would you recommend our store to your social circle? (Yes / No)


9) How did you find out about our store? (commentary)


10) Will you visit us again? (Yes / I don't know / No)

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