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A solution for your HR Department!



High absenteeism costs a lot to public organizations and damages public services. Moreover, making sure of the well-being of the collaborator allows for their adhesion to the common goal and increases the collaborator’s engagement. Thus, it becomes essential to use a comprehensive tool for the evaluation of the continuous betterment of workplace wellness. 



With TADI, you will be able to stay connected to your collaborator’s needs and integrate them into the public service improvement process. Results can be anonymous so that you obtain objective, comprehensive and operable information in order to shed light on the improvable points in your organization.

The best suited solutions to your needs

TADI Roller

TADI Boîtier


TADI Flash

Standard airplane journey survey

1) Generally, are you pleased with the work environment?


2) You answered no. According to you, which are the primary improvement points?


3) What would be your propositions in order to facilitate your work efficiency?


4) During this last year, would you say that your workplace wellness has improved?


5) Do you think that you have a good work/life balance?


6) Are your work goals clear?


7) Is the relationship with your coworkers peaceful and pleasant?

8) Do you think your career prospects are good?

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