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A solution for your HR Department!


“Unwellness” at work costs the economy $2.2 trillion a year in the U.S. only. Retaining talents and attaining set goals are depending on the employee’s adhesion to the company’s project and on the implementation of a coherent career plan. Thus, it becomes essential to use a comprehensive tool for the evaluation of workplace wellness and to implement its continuous betterment strategy. 



With TADI mail, you can stay connected to your employee’s needs and set up surveys that will give you a comprehensive analysis of the answers. Results can be anonymous so that you obtain objective, comprehensive and operable information in order to shed light on the improvable points in your company. Closed questions and semantic analysis combined will shed light on the improbable point of your workplace productivity.

The best suited solutions to your needs:

TADI Roller

TADI Boîtier


TADI Flash

Standard survey for HR purpose  :


1) Globally, are you satisfied with your workplace ? 

2) How do you feel about the atmosphere within your department ?

3) Do you have suggestions to improve your workplace conditions ? 

4) According to you, how can we improve the company to improve your working conditions ?

5) Are you satisfied with your career opportunities ?

6) Do you have any suggestion regarding the tools that will help you fulfill your work  ?


7) If you answered yes, what are these tools that will help you achieve your goals ? 

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