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Our story 


TADI was created in 2015. We only had one goal in mind: supporting healthcare professionals and establishments in their evaluation of the perception  of their patients, a population segment at a vulnerable point in their lives. 

After working in an institutional setting for more than 24 years, I developed the idea of a totally inclusive system that combines reliability and Artificial Intelligence. 

TADI has proved its worth along the way, that is why companies from different sectors, like banks, transportation and retail, have quickly integrated our cross-channel platform for their  data collection and customer satisfaction analysis. 

Our knowledge and passion in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data make us a highly specialized player in the field of customer relationship analysis. This has led us to establish a presence in different markets. 

With TADI, our clients can better assess their customers' needs and thus identify the services or products that will be most profitable. 

In the end, knowing your customers and their habits is key in order to better serve them. 

Georges Obanos

CEO of YUMI Group


Product development  

YUMI Technology

was created

Yumi Group

Yumi Technology becomes YUMI Group



Development of the TADI platform

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