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A solution for your events !


When it comes to events, everyone wants to stand apart and gain a certain “competitive advantage” Showcasing the scope and potential of the event, our technology makes it possible to surprise participants with new modern devices that allow them to have a voice heard by the organizers of the event.



All our devices perfectly meet the needs of events wanting to modernize. Depending on the information you are looking for and the delivery method you want to use, TADI will take care of your campaign. If you want to promote your survey via your database, TADI Mail offers another solution. If you want to buy physical terminals to use at your event (depending on the amount of information you wish to collect), we can offer you TADI Box, TADI Roller and/or TADI Tablet.

Finally, you can opt for an even more modern channel, TADI Flash, in the form of a QR code printed on your boxes, for example, which will make an impression on participants with its simplicity, efficiency and freedom to respond when and where they wish. All the choices are at your disposal!


TADI Flash

TADI Tablette

TADI Boîtier

TADI Roller

The best suited solutions to your needs :

Standard survey for events 

1) How did you hear about our event?


2) Was the signaling system effective?


3) What did you think about the reception?


4) What do you think of the technical services provided by the organizer?


5) What has been the most successful space in your opinion?


6) How would you rate the catering aspect of the event?


7) Was the atmosphere dynamic?


8) Do you have any positives impressions to share?


9) Do you have any negative points to share?


10) Would you come back for another event?

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