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A solution for your hospitals !


Maintaining a close connection to your patients is very important for a healthcare facility. In terms of health, being attentive means caring and showing interest for people who need support. It is good to give them a chance to rate the quality of the services offered.

In hospitals, patients often spend a lot of time not engaged in a specific activity and are therefore more available than elsewhere. It is important to put in place a system that evaluates the satisfaction of each of your patients.




We offer several solutions for this sector: TADI Roller, TADI Box, TADI Tablet and TADI Mail. TADI Mail is a good option, because every hospital has its patients in a database. The terminals can be placed anywhere and  are designed to gather all necessary information. These factors make it easier to listen to your patients and ensure their satisfaction. Choose from our range of options to find the best solution to deliver the results you need. 

TADI Tablette


TADI Boîtier

TADI Roller

The best suited solutions for your hospitals : 

Standard survey for healthcare institutions

1) Is the hospital's signaling system clear?  (Yes / More or less / No)


2) Was the reception fast and efficient?  (Yes / More or less / No)


3) Do you know the name of your primary care physician?  (Yes / No)


3.1) ) If not, is this important to you? (Very / Not necessarily / Not at all)


4) Was the doctor's care qualitative? (%)


5) Did the nurses provide you with good quality care? (%)


6) Was the staff available to you? (Yes / Sometimes / No)


7) Do you feel that your privacy was respected? (Yes / More or less / No)


8) Was your treatment quickly provided ? (Yes/No)


9) In the care you received, did you experience any discomfort? (Comment)


10) Were you informed of your discharge date in a timely manner? (Yes/No)


11) In general, were you satisfied with the time you spent with us? (%) Or (comment)


12) Would you recommend our hospital? (Yes / No)

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