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A solution for your hotel !


To quickly know and identify your detractors and promotors is a mission that all companies have in common. Similarly, knowing the feelings of a customer with respects to your brand becomes a flagship activity in order to develop a coherent customer service and marketing strategy.


In the spirit of continuous improvement, simplifying the communication between you and your customer is one of the many advantages of the TADI system. Continuously measuring the satisfaction of your customer allows you to clearly determine if your strategies are efficient or not.



Here you will need a mobile device that is solid and easy to use. Depending on the type of survey you want to conduct, TADI Tablet, TADI Roller or TADI Box all offer suitable solutions for your needs. 

They can be placed on your walls, tables, at the waiting area, near the hotel entrance / exit of your hotel and even in the rooms. They support all types of surveys and are 100% customizable according to your needs.

Your guests will have plenty of opportunities to see one of these terminals and answer the questions in a very accessible, easy, fast and efficient way to provide the desired information.

You want to use your own database?

TADI Mail is an easy-to-use service with the same capabilities as the other TADI services and products, for the same assessment purpose.


The most suited channels for your hotel:

TADI Roller


TADI Tablet

Standard hotel questionnary:

1) What was your first impression upon arriving at our hotel? (commentary)


2) Were you received in a quick and friendly manner? (Yes / More or less / No)


3) Was your room clean, comfortable and well equipped? (Yes / More or less / No)


3.1) If not, what was the problem? (comment)


4) Did you eat at the hotel restaurant? (yes / no)


4.1) If yes, was the food prepared with quality products, sufficient in quantity and served hot?  (commentary)


5) Please rate our staff (scale)


6) Is the location of the hotel suitable for you? (Yes / More or less / No)


7) Is the hotel easy to access? (Yes / No)


8) Did you have a good check-ou experience? (Yes / More or less / No)


9) How did you learn about our hotel? (press, advertising, social environment, travel agency / tourism, media)


10) Would you come back to our hotel? (Yes/No)

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