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A Solution for your healthcare facilities !

Why ?

TADI is THE ideal solution for your healthcare facilities. Its system is completely adapted to your facility's users.


  • The screen allows you to put your questions in visual signs through the FALC system (easy to read and understand images)

  • TADI Box can read your questions to the user

  • The answers are simple with only 3 easily understandable buttons (green is happy, yellow is neutral and red is unhappy)

  • The TADI system can ask open questions ("Why are you not happy?")

  • The system can even translate the oral comments of the user

The TADI system was invented with the different users in mind in order to better understand their needs and measure their degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction at a short or a long-term. The platform allows you to integrate a practice diversity (with no limits and in a simple and intuitive manner). The reports will be automatically created, with one clic and alerts can be enabled in case a customer dissatisfaction reaches a certain threshold.


Through the TADI dashboard and platform, you can establish an initial overview that will allow you to spot your strength and weaknesses, their evolution in time, depending on the place, the sector and so much more! 

The platform is working through Artificial Intelligence and deep learning so that it is self-teaching and allows us to analyse in a quantitative, qualitative and predictive manner.

TADI Roller

The best suited solutions to your needs!

TADI Boîtier

Standard social healtcare survey

1) The reception is good


2) The meal is tasty


3) The care is good


4) The activities are varied


5) Good monitoring of the individual project 


6) Social interaction


5.1) With friends


5.2) With family


6) I feel listened to


7) The facility is safe


8) My privacy is respected


9) The premises are clean and well-equipped

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