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A solution for your telecommunication operators !


Operators that provide us with telephone, Internet or television service must deliver flawless customer service, because the customer relationship is essential to keep a competitive advantage in this sector.


This means that as a telecommunication operator, you have to stay in touch regularly with your customers to make sure their devices are working properly.



Here TADI Mail makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your customers in real time and invite them to participate in a survey whenever you wish. With the instantaneous information collection system and the intuitive analysis of stored data, the TADI system offers a coherent and efficient action plan based on the feedback obtained that responds to the real needs of your clients.


Do you have physical stores?

The TADI Roller and TADI Box are excellent choices for your points of sale, providing the perfect solution to evaluate the satisfaction of your customers.

TADI Roller


TADI Boîtier

Most suited channels for your operators:

Standard survey in telecommunications

1) For how long have you been with us? (comment)


2) Please rate us on:

2.1)- our customer relationship center?


2.2) - Our network / Internet speed


2.3) - Our prices


2.4) - Our promotional offers


2.5) - The distribution of our points of sale


3) Do you also have a "WIFI / TV" subscription?


4) Do you have a subscription with another provider?


5) Please rate your overall satisfaction? (very dissatisfied, not satisfied, more or less satisfied, satisfied, very satisfied)


6) How could we improve?

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