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A solution for your trade shows !



At trade shows, more so than at other events, it is essential to get the visitors’ feedback on what they saw and what they would have liked to see. Finding out if they found the topic relevant, if the stands were well set up, and if the customer/speaker interaction was mutually beneficial are important factors to consider if you want to get feedback on different aspects of the event, such as:

- The chosen theme

- The stand layout

- The atmosphere

- The access to information

- Interests and motivations of the visitors

All these points are significant in assessing if your show was successful or not on different levels.



We offer products that meet your needs in obtaining this information. TADI Roller, TADI Box, TADI Tablet and TADI Mail are the devices best suited for your needs. For a more modern touch, TADI Flash is a device that works perfectly for this kind of event by providing access to the survey with a QR code.


TADI Flash

TADI Tablette

TADI Boîtier

TADI Roller

The best suited solutions to your needs:

Standard survey for your trade shows:

1) Would you recommend the event?

2) How would you evaluate the event?


3) How useful was the content?


4) How engaging was the speaker?


5) Would you come back?


6) Which booth would you like to add for next time?


7) Before you came, did you have all the necessary information?


8) What do you think of the duration of the event?


9) Do you have any additional feedback?

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