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A solution for every need

We are fully aware that every business line has different needs. Thanks to our multi-channel solution, we can adapt to whatever yours might be. We offer solutions for:


  • In-depth surveys: For banks or telecommunication operators. Solutions are more precisely task-focused.


  • Fast and effective information-gathering surveys: For retailers or hotels. Solutions are designed to bring people in and obtain the desired information efficiently.


  • Easily communicable surveys: For certain restaurants, hospitals or events. These modern and connected solutions meet your needs with email or QR-code surveys.



What communication tool do you need in order to boost the advertising of your services through customer word of mouth?


Allows your customers to positively and/or negatively evaluate their perceived experience. It will also give you insights as to how you can significantly improving your services and performance..


In addition to all the services already provided, giving your clients the opportunity to evaluate their experiences with your hotel will help you build a strong relationship with them. 



How can you fully meet the needs of your customers by providing the necessary support and/or tools to maintain customer loyalty?


Les opérateurs

Give your customers the possibility to express their feelings towards your bank freely. You will communicate in a new efficient way.

Un système de recueil d'informations, de tri, d'analyse et de propositions de potentielles solutions. TADI, est alors un outil essentiellement  avantageux pour votre secteur d'activité...  



How to convince your customers to come back to your shops? 



Providing a good service is also a way to incite your customers to evaluate each interaction and your shop in general. This will enable you to look for their customer experience and to fully meet their need. 

In case if a product is running out of stock in your supermarket, you will be able to determine which product is out of stock and you will  avoid to lose potential customers.



Where can you invest to maintain the well-being and a great support of your patients within your establishment and therefore, preserve a healthy rentability? 


Patients are coming to your establishment in order to be healed. Your patients should not feel lonely and forgotten as a good care of your patients is the key to receive good publicity for your hospital.

Le médico-social

Nowadays, establishments must have suitable equipments to their needs, which are specific. 



Which are the tools that enable you to digitalise and make an event entertaining in order to offer a good moment to the guests, in a modern and connected environment? 


Professional Summits

The possibility to evaluate your customers will enable you as a host, to evaluate your ideas, mesure the quality of your work provided by your team and more...

Professional summits are events where it is important to question the visitor about what he/she saw and Wish she/he had seen.



What are the interest for a transport company to listen their clients?

Les trains

It is very important for a Company to be interested in the opinions of their customers if it wants to improve its service, the delay of the trains or provide great comfort by rearranging the space of the train coaches and suitcases.


In the same market, flight companies have more or less the same goals as the train companies. They listen to their clients carefully in order to improve their services in terms of pricing, comfort, schedule and logistics. 

Ressources Humaines

 How to improve the feeling of well-being at work and communication with the employees in order to stimulate their productivity and earn their loyalty ?

Ressources Humaines
Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 15.46.12.png


The sense of unease at work has reached 12 000 euros per year and per employee which slows down the performance and the goals of a company. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 15.45.39.png


Today in France's public sector, the rate of absenteeism has reached an average of 9,8%. This has a cost and the quality of a company

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