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TADI, a real-time analysis solution!

ADI, un système d'analyse multicanal disponible sur ordinateur, tablette et téléphone

TADI is a multi-channel analysis system available on computer, tablet and smartphone that conducts quantitative and qualitative surveys.


TADI is a system that automates data tabulation and gives you feedback on the satisfaction of your customers and/or employees. It also provides the information you need to identify your promoters and detractors, which allows you to develop an effective action plan.

Exploiter tout le potentiel de la data

With the TADI system you can

Create innovative customer experiences

Convert Big Data into Smart Data

Harness the full potential of your data

Reinforce your customer relationship

A multi-sector solution !


We understand that each sector has different needs. The TADI system can adapt to the particularities of your sector by using specialized products tailored for every types of customers.

TADI was created with the goal of continuous improvement to the quality of your services. That is why our experts provide audits for you, as well as different tools that allow you to benefit from the platform’s fully personalized support.

une solution multicanale
TADI: Une solution multicanal !

A multi-channel solution !

TADI is a system that offers different channels for every one of your needs. Our system centralizes all of the automatically collected information for instant feedback, from the simplest to the most advanced surveys.

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