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A solution for your bank !


When it comes to finance, the professional approach is somewhat different from other business sectors, because it is essentially based on trust, the customer relationship and their assets.


People take greater precautions and pay more attention to the service that they receive during their visit. If the customer is unhappy for any reason, keep in mind that they might not know how to communicate it to your staff.



As a solution, we suggest TADI Tablet, which is similar to TADI Roller:

  • very portable and easy to transport

  • obtains more precise results with 5 different answer options (instead of 3).

  • provides more detailed information

  • the surveys are more qualitative than quantitative.


TADI Mail is also an option to consider for banks if you wish to set up your database to survey the clients of your choice. These surveys are sent by email to selected mailing lists.


TADI Tablette

The most suited solutions for your needs:

Standard surveys in finance

1) Did you receive an adequate welcome when you arrived at our bank? (Yes / More or less / No)


1.1) If not, could you describe the problem? (comment)


2) Please evaluate our staff. (Friendly / Normal / Unpleasant)


3) Was your problem solved quickly and efficiently? (Yes / More or less / No)


4) Was the office space at your convenience and t the image of our brand ? (Yes / More or less / No)


5) How long have you been our customer? (comment)


6) Were you a customer of another bank before? (Yes / No)


6.1) If yes, why did you decided to change? (Our customer relationship / Our incentives / recommendation from your social circle) OR (comment)


7) Overall, are you satisfied with our services? (Yes / More or less / No)


8) How can we improve? (comment)

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