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A solution for your restaurants!


A customer who has had a bad experience or who received a bad service is a customer who will probably never come back to your restaurant. Imagine that you are not able to understand why you customer is dissatisfied or not being able to identify your promoters and detractors.

Through different chanels and with an automatic reporting available on your smartphone, tablet or computer, the system will allow you to automatically analyse the answers. You will be able to obtain the necessary information on time in order to take quick decisions and thus continuously improving the quality of your services.



Here you need a simple and effective solution that is easy to access and easy to use. This makes the TADI Roller and TADI Box the best solutions for this kind of environment:

- very portable. They can be placed at various strategic spots (Entrance, exit, waiting line, cashier...)

- the surveys are simple, with only 3 choices of answers, for a more quantitative analysis

- Their use is very adaptable to every user



TADI Flash offers an excellent solution: it can be a QR code on your take-out boxes, for example.

TADI Flash

TADI Boitier

TADI Roller

The more suitable channels for your needs:

Questionnaire type en restauration

1) Was the reception satisfactory? (Yes / Ok / No)


2) Were you satisfied with your order? (Yes / Ok / No)


3) Do you regularly go to restaurants? (Yes / Ok / No)


3.1) If not, are you familiar with the concept of "brunch"? (Yes / No)


3.2) Do you prefer the brunch concept over the restaurant concept? (Yes / I don’t know / No)


4) At what time of the day do you prefer eating at restaurants? (Morning / Noon / Evening)


5) What are your expectations for a restaurant? (Home / dishes / local)


6) Overall, has our restaurant met your expectations? (Yes / Ok / No)


6.1) If not, where could we improve? (Home / Dishes / Local)

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