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A solution for your supermarkets!

Why ?

Customers come to supermarkets with the intention of buying a lot of things, and sometimes the product they want is not available. This equals to a loss in potential sales. You will benefit greatly from connecting with your customers and getting their opinion on different aspects of the supermarket, such as: the number of cashiers, the waiting time, the organization of store shelves, the products themselves, and many more.


How ?

We offer several solutions to obtain this information and improve your overall performance, including TADI Roller and TADI Box. They offer solid, easily installable solutions that deliver fast and easy response input. These solutions are ideal for supermarkets, because you can place them on your shelves, at checkout lines or at the entrance/exit of your store.

You want to use your own database?
If you wish to make the most of your database, TADI Mail allows you to send surveys by email to the mailing lists of your choice.

You want a more modern channel?

If you also want to use QR technology, TADI Flash gives you the option of printing a code, which will lead the customer to your survey.


The best suited solutions for your supermarket: 

TADI Roller

TADI Boîtier

TADI Flash

Standard survey for supermarkets

1) Where do you generally buy your food? (Local Stores / Discount stores/ Supermarkets)


2) Do you buy non-food products at the same place? (Yes / Sometimes / No)


3) How often do you  go grocery shopping? (Once per week / Once every 2-3week / Once a month)


4) How much do you spend in average? (-20 € / 20-60 € / + 60 €)


5) How much time do you need to get here? (-10m / 10-20m / + 20)


6) ) What is the longest commute you would be willing to do? (10min / 20min / 30min)


7) What made you decide to come here? (Proximity / Wide selection of products / quality of services and products)


8) What additional services would you prefer? (Home delivery / Snacking / Press area)


9) Is there a product that you would like us to see in our stores? (comment)


10) Do you come here a lot? (Yes / Occasionally / No)

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