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A solution for your trainlines!

Why ?

Railway companies are very interested in the opinion of travelers with regards to prices, comfort, punctuality and other concerns. Having this information allows the company to better balance its action plans, fix a possible price problem, improve the punctuality of  trains, refitting carriages for better comfort and/or a better location for luggage storage, etc. All these factors will improve the performance and reputation of a railway company in the eyes of the customer.




By installing TADI terminals in waiting areas, on platforms or even on trains, your customers can easily and quickly answer your questions. Our TADI Roller (installed in the station) or TADI Box (installed on the train) will collect this valuable feedback for you. Robust, easily transportable and efficient, these TADI terminals will ensure your customer satisfaction.

TADI Roller

TADI Tablette

TADI Flash

The best suited solutions to your needs:

Standard survey for your trainlines

1) You are ...: (Male / Female)


2) How old are you? (-20 / 20-40 / +40)


3) What is your marital status? (Comment)


4) How frequently do you travel? (Every day / Every week / A few times a year)


5) What type of ticket do you usually buy? (Single / Monthly / Yearly)


6) What are your reasons for traveling? (Professional, personal, holidays)


7) Evaluate our trains on:


7.1) Their comfort (NPS)


7.2) Their punctuality (NPS)


7.3) Baggage areas (NPS)


8) Overall impression of services (%)


9) What could we improve? (Comment)

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